Aprilog QFN ZIF Sockets To SMT Component Site Pads

16QFN39-QFN-ZL-SD2-P, 16 pin QFN square SMT socket to 16 QFN pads adapter. This adapter is composed of two parts, a surface mount bed of nails base, ...


Aprilog Surface Mount Technology to Breadboard 0.1 in Pins

16QFN39-D6-SMT-S, 16 pad QFN MLF SMT to DIP breadboard adapter converts SMT package with pitch of 1.0 mm to two 600 mil DIP pin rows. QFN Package ...


Aprilog ZIF Sockets to Breadboard 0.1 in Pins

16QFN39-D6-ZL-P, 16 QFN adapter with hinge lid test ZIF QFP socket on a .1 inch DIP male pins breadboard pattern. For 4x4mm square, 0.65mm (25.6 mil) ...



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